Why Pinterest Makes Websites Visitor-Friendly

Why Pinterest Makes Websites Visitor-Friendly

Surely by now you have heard how Pinterest can do wonders for marketing.

After languishing in obscurity; now the new kid on the block has become the talk of the town. Okay enough of the clichés. Seriously, this Pinterest site is nothing to scoff at.

It has grown tremendously over the past few months to become a behemoth on its own right. In 2012, Pinterest was able to attract 20 million users.

This growing social network has been catering primarily to women ages 25 to 44. The high visual format of this site is the primary reason why women are attracted to it.

Most women love to see things for themselves rather than reading or hearing about it. The way Pinterest allows you to pin pictures have completely revolutionized the way people connect with each other.

By golly, there is nothing revolutionary about the idea behind Pinterest! In fact, there have been social bookmarks before but miserably failed.

Pinterest came at the right time when people are getting too much text fatigue from other social networks. What Pinterest offers to businesses is virtually free advertising and free marketing research.

People pinning products will cause others to repin it. What is unique about Pinterest is that it allows referral traffic. In fact, Pinterest has demonstrated great ability to increase referral traffic and even has edged Yahoo in some aspects of organic traffic.

This is why a lot of websites want to get a piece of the Pinterest pie. Website creators know that with Pinterest they can get more referral and organic traffic. Sadly, not all websites are Pinterest-friendly.

If you have been loading pictures using javascript chances are your visitors will not be able to pin your pictures. Same holds true with Flash, since Flash and Pinterest are like water and oil they don’t mix well.

The good news is there are lots of workarounds to make your website Pinterest-friendly. There is a lot of third party software and services on the web that allow your site to be pinned even there is not much images or the images are not pinnable.

You can use tools within Pintrest which allows you to put a bookmarklet on your website. Pinterest will provide you the codes on how to insert a follow button on your site.

The Pin-it button is another Pinterest-supplied bookmarklet with the necessary coding which allows visitors to pin images on your site.

If your site is not Pinterest friendly, there are ways to pin images or even text from it. Shareaholic is one. You can download the button on to your browser so that

you can click on it when you want to share something to your Pinterest account. Shotpin is another service that allows you to pin things on the website without the need of screenshots and manual uploads.

A website becomes visitor-friendly if the images are optimized to be pinned in Pinterest. If you want to have a strong presence in Pinterest

make sure you overhaul the platform and make it easy for your visitors to pin images to improve your site’s traffic. Otherwise, you can use third-party solutions to fill the gap.

The problem with third-party solutions that they can be unreliable and you will not have full-control. As a stop-gap measure, use the third-party solutions but it would be dandy if you start optimizing your website to make it a star in Pinterest.

How Pinterest Beat Yahoo Organic Traffic

Pay your respects to the fourth top-dog of Internet traffic. All hail the-soon-to-be mighty Pinterest! Pinterest has just taken the seat as the fourth largest traffic driver from Yahoo in a recent report that showed also a slowdown in traffic referrals in other sources.

Why Pinterest Makes Websites Visitor-Friendly
Why Pinterest Makes Websites Visitor-Friendly

Despite the numbers, still a lot of pundits still cast doubts on the ability of the new social media site to drive traffic on a sustained basis. The site’s phenomenal rise has yet to taper off as analysts agree that Pinterest has enough wiggle room for growth.

A new data released by Shareholic, a website dedicated to content management among businesses showed Pinterest beating Yahoo in organic traffic.

This data coupled with the decline of Google, Yahoo and Bing in directing traffic by 15.63 percent could mean that people found alternate ways to discover something on the Internet.

However, since Shareholic’s data is organically grown the data is not the picture but a slice of a larger pie. Nonetheless, it proves that given the opportunity, Pinterest can play with the big boys now.

That said, Shareholic predicted earlier that Pinterest would overtake Yahoo. The new social media site has been seen to send more referral traffic compared to Google+,

You Tube and LinkedIn and even beaten the likes of Twitter in referral traffic in some months. However, it is far from taking the crown from Google in terms of organic traffic and referral traffic out of the clutches of Facebook.

The growth of Pinterest is totally remarkable. The speed of its rise is akin to the escape velocity. The pressure is now mounting on how to monetize this amount of popularity they have been achieving.

Pinterest is a virtual bushfire but the users are not exactly active to make it really attractive. Now large retailers are banking on pins and

re-pins as a sign of “intent” to buy. It is now up to third-party software developers to map the pins and detect where to put the advertiser’s money.

But how did Pinterest, beat an Internet giant such as Yahoo in organic traffic? We have to list three compelling reasons how Pinterest managed to sneak from the back and wrest the number four spot from Yahoo.

It is no secret that Yahoo is on a slide. ComScore has pegged the search engine market share of Yahoo at 13 percent.

That is the lowest market share of Yahoo as it trended a decline in the market share for months now. This could be a reason behind the search of netizens for alternative searches on the Internet.

Another possible reason for the meteoric rise of Pinterest is the ability to provide pictures rather than text in the searches.

Pundits are looking at text fatigue as the reason why Pinterest is gaining popularity as other social media sites are slow to rise or have stagnated.

The third reason why Pinterest is gaining on the leaders it is because it has effectively tapped a certain demographic.

Pinterest is very popular among women in the United States more than half of Pinterest’s American users are females. This is crucial because it only signifies that woman is emerging as a potent force in driving traffic on the Internet.

What is the takeaway from this lesson, folks? The Shareaholic reports say a little about the rise of Pinterest. However it also says that if your business is not in Pinterest then you should be.

The report shows that there is an emerging dynamic shift in driving Internet traffic and undoubtedly, Pinterest is on the middle of that shift.

Using Pinterest To Sell Your Expertise

Businesses are looking to Pinterest to gain more insights into learning what are their customers have to say and improve their offerings.

Why Pinterest Makes Websites Visitor-Friendly
Why Pinterest Makes Websites Visitor-Friendly

The exponential growth of Pinterest has fueled the conversion of this social media site into a marketing tool. So why is Pinterest good for business? Just think about this, 21 percent of people that saw products on Pinterest ultimately bought it.

This means that there is real engagement between businesses and buyers on Pinterest. Also, the pins and repins mean that there is intent from buyers to acquire the products in a later time.

The value of Pinterest as a marketing tool makes it a very viable platform to sell even your expertise. You are leveraging the power of Pinterest that has 20 million users.

In October of 2012, Pinterest had an estimated 3 million unique visitors. While there is no established mechanism where the buyers can directly purchase what you are selling; links going to your site will considerably improve the marketing potential.

If you want to sell your expertise on Pinterest you must learn how to attract people to improve your pins and click-throughs and help spread the word about your services.

You need to spend a lot of time like just any social network to build your target demographic. For example a person who sells ebooks on quilting can build relationships on pinners that are interested on quilting.

The amount of photos featuring quilts made by your readers will give you a stamp of approval that your methods are effective in making quality quilts.

Once the people realize that it would be easy to do quilts using your method then more people would likely to read your ebook.

Pinterest made it a point that its site is very easy to use. The photos that you pin on your boards are of the same size. It is best to copy the uncluttered aesthetics of Pinterest to capture the interest of your pinners.

The uncluttered boards are generally pleasing and elegant looking. Each pinned image has a link back to your site. You will see how much referral traffic you will get and it can reach as high as 75 percent with Pinterest leading the way.

Pinterest is also an excellent way of doing crowdsourcing. In building your personal brand you need inputs from people.

You can also ask your followers to pin pictures of your seminars and services to tell other people to try what your expertise can do for them.

It is like a shout-out about your expertise and eventually help build your brand online. The pins of your followers attending your seminars or reading your books are a form of word-of-mouth marketing.

Always to pin other things on your boards so your followers can also see things about you. Give them an insight about the other sides of your humanity. Also, follow other boards that are related to your expertise.

For example, if you are a marine biologist you can re pin pictures of whales and dolphins and comment some trivia.

Following the big names in Pinterest is also a good way to create awareness. It worked on Twitter it may work on Pinterest. This has a follow-the-leader syndrome that can generate interest on your brand.

Indeed, Pinterest is a great way to build your brand and sell your expertise. Use it well. Understanding how Pinterest works is

a good start in building your presence. Once you establish presence then you can leverage the power of Pinterest for your own benefit.

Steps To Making Your Brand More Visible With Pinterest

Let’s face it. Pinterest makes businesses drool. Why not? Let the numbers convince you. Pinterest has about 20 million users in just 24 months.


Why Pinterest Makes Websites Visitor-Friendly
Why Pinterest Makes Websites Visitor-Friendly

There were 3.3 million users were added to the system in December 2012 alone. About 10 million unique views a month and an average of

410 minutes of usage per user each month. Pinterest is the third largest social media in the United States. It has surpassed Yahoo in organic traffic and Twitter in referral traffic.

No business can afford to ignore the potential of Pinterest to build their brands. In fact, 21 percent of people that use Pinterest went on to purchase something that they saw in Pinterest.

Pinterest is showing all and sundry that it has the ability to expand and make your brand known. Some would say Pinterest is only applicable for small and medium businesses.

That is inaccurate. Big companies that have large marketing budgets are also looking at Pinterest. Coca-Cola is one of the companies that have shifted their social media marketing strategy towards what is called liquid content.

Liquid content is a new way to entice users of social media to take a look at your brand and connect with customers. Coca-Cola uses an engagement strategy using and interesting story to create customer connections.

What are brands doing to make their presence felt on Pinterest? Let us find out how to become a successful brand in this emerging superstar of the social media universe.

Build on your identity
Building your brand online using your identity makes it easy to connect with customers. Customers are already acquainted with your brand offline.

Using this advantage will work in bringing the offline success online. Marketers should exploit the popularity of their logos, values and slogans to connect with users.

Mirror your online store with your offline offerings
Most brands achieve success on Pinterest because of their ability to replicate their offline offerings, online.

Pinterest offers a unique ability for businesses. Boards can become store fronts that can mirror traditional store fronts found in the real-world.

Businesses that can faithfully recreate their virtual store just like the real one tend to attract more customers and increased sales.

Showcase things about your product
A good way to attract customers is to pin your activities. One website does a great job in acquainting the public about their marketing efforts.

Hubspot would pin their seminars and even post videos of the ability of their marketing software to make the connection more engaging.

Driving traffic to your blog
Successful blogs tend to gain more traffic when they use Pinterest. Use Pinterest natural leverage on the creative use of graphics to drive referral traffic.

The interest of your site can be measured on the amount of pins and re-pins which actually boosts the visibility of your brand.

Showcase experiences about your brand
Pinterest’s natural leverage can work for your brand as it reaches out to your customers. Create boards where customers

can click on pins that correspond to the experience. This is an effective way to learn about the customers’ view about your brand.

The key in building your brand in Pinterest is to build on good content to attract customers to experience your brand online.

Pinterest has demonstrated that it can be a force to reckon with. Understanding how you can leverage the natural strengths of Pinterest can be beneficial in building a good image for your brand online.

The Two Steps To Finally Getting On Pinterest

Pinterest, since it had been first brought out in public two years ago, had displayed this very fascinating characteristic of being able to attract both businessmen and the hobbyists.

Why Pinterest Makes Websites Visitor-Friendly
Why Pinterest Makes Websites Visitor-Friendly

Given the fact that it has already over millions of different visitors, there is no question on why businessmen should utilize the new form of social networking.

Of course, all the possible targets are undeniably found on the network. But up to now, many Pinterest visitors are not yet savvy

– meaning, not equipped with the steps to using Pinterest. So here’s your chance to learn the step-by-step guide to using Pinterest and how to started with the network.

How to join Pinterest
Normally to join social network sites, you will need to have an account first. So to get you started with Pinterest you must need to create your very own account.

Before, Pinterest does not work like the normal sites the way Facebook does, where you will be automatically signed up once you fill in the registration form.

It only works on an “invite-only” system where it gaveusers only 2 ways to join. First you need to have a friend who already owns an account at Pinterest and then invites you to join in. then second, you may request Pinterest to send you an invite.

Good thing today, anyone holds the chance to automatically join Pinterest by signing up. First you will need to go to the website or the home page of the site. Now, click on “Join Pinterest”.

Then you will be directed to a page that asks if you want to connect your account with an existing Facebook or Twitter account or just sign up with your email address.

Then you will need to fill up a form in creating your account you can then upload your profile photo. Then you will be asked to “Follow 5 boards to get started”, “Create your first board.”

It would be better if you use consistent screen names with different if ever you are a businessman, so clients may be able to track you easily. This would help you run your business with the site.

Setting up your Profile
Once you already have an account at Pinterest, next is to set up your profile. You will find a navigation bar at the upper corner of the Pinterest page,

click unto your own screen name and then click on the “edit profile” that appears on the left side of the page you are navigated to.

You will then be taken on a page where you need to fill up your profile information. You may now upload your pictures.

There will also appear on the page an option if you want your account to be connected with your Facebook or with your Twitter account.

After having your Pinterest account and setting up your Pinterest profile you will now be able to do loads of stuffs on the site. You may be able to browse some of the top pins on Pinterest.

Drop comments, likes and even re-pin pins. At first, you may want to explore the site a little, so as to get you familiar with how it works and how to be Pinterest savvy.

This will be a big help if you want to have your business running on the network.

These are all you need to know on how to get started at Pinterest. Provided here for you is the step by step guide from signing up to setting up your profile. Good luck with Pinterest!

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