Why Pinterest Is The Next Big Thing In Social Media

Why Pinterest Is The Next Big Thing In Social Media

We’re pretty sure that a lot of Internet marketers and

businesses are asking the question same question in the title. Frankly, Pinterest is shaping up to become a giant and live to its potentials.

The growth of this obscure social media network into a giant that is today proves that it is not a flash in the pan and could even go for the home run.
Believe it or not, there is such a thing as Facebook and Twitter fatigue among social media users. The emergence of Pinterest helps ease the fatigue by providing a fresh new way of living and socializing in cyberspace.

Like-minded people are drawn to see what other users with similar interest have in store on their pinboards. This makes Pinterest like an oasis in the middle of the desert since it offers a new way of looking at social media.

The numbers don’t lie as the site has generated over 10 million visitors per month in the United States alone. Pinterest rose from obscurity so quick and it has a major player in the social media industry.

What makes Pinterest the new face of social media?

Will it be able to dislodge the king of the hill that is Facebook?

Will Pinterest become the new Facebook for the new decade?

Let us find out from the facts why Pinterest has the potential to become bigger than big someday. Perhaps the biggest reason why Pinterest can become big is the way it is being used. Unlike Facebook and Twitter that is largely text-based, Pinterest uses pictures and videos to tell a story.

Pinterest basically fills a need that Facebook and Twitter cannot fulfill. Virtual scrapbooking has become big and this is where Pinterest comes in. Pinterest fills the gap where other social media falls short.

Unlike Facebook, people can follow everyone that has the passion that you have. Unlike Twitter, there is a genuine reason why you are following someone on Pinterest because of, what else, your interests.

Businesses should care about the emergence of Pinterest as a valuable marketing and lead generation tool. There is no powerful customer magnet than posting pictures of your products and link it back to your own website. Pinteret works some sort of a virtual catalog if used this way.

A recent survey said that 21 percent of people actually bought something after seeing a picture on Pinterest. However, merely pinning your images will not give you much of a boost. It is important to become a dynamic pinner by contributing content from other users in order to gain attention from the public.

Indeed, Pinterest drives the sharing of what we found rather than what we are doing or thinking. It drives social discovery in the most promising way, through pictures and video.

Pinterest allows us to see what the world in general sees not just what our friends see. Pure social networking is approaching a supernova stage and time will come it will lose its luster and become a black hole.

People want something else that is why they want
For certain Pinterest is having its moment with all the traffic it generates that the number of users it has. Until when will Pinterest have its moment under the digital world is a question that only time can answer.

But, for now Pinterest should make hay while the sun shines and take as much benefit as it can until another social media will become the new beloved flavor of netizens.

Visual Designing Biz Gets Boosted With Pinterest Use

Pinterest is a very good platform that has been creating waves in the business world. Why not? Pinterest’s phenomenal rise made it the darling of Internet marketers to drive traffic to their websites. Pinterest is also great for businesses that deal with visual design.

best Using WordPress As A Content Management
best Using WordPress As A Content Management

The natural leverage that Pinterest offers is a great fit to help businesses that are engaged in visuals. Many experts already stated that this social site could prove to be the next game-changer because the way Pinterest is connecting people.

Truly, Pinterest can become a good way of promoting businesses that are more visual. It is just a natural fit to use Pinterest for your visual-based business.

Pinterest is free, free to use and free to spread samples of your visual output. Since Pinterest uses visuals you can easily distribute samples of your work to your potential clients.

The potential of your pins to become viral is the main reason why you should use the leverage offered by Pinterest for your business.

The ability to “tweet” and “like” allows you to give multiple exposures all across social media. This gives your business more eyeballs that could result to an impressive traffic towards your own website.

What Pinterest can do a lot for your business is that the pins’ descriptions can be optimized for better indexing. It is important that each pin that you have is optimized with important key words.

This will help your pins to get link backs that could drive more traffic towards your website. A website that is visually-oriented has better chances to be pinned because of Pinterest’s nature.

It is important to know in order to harness the power of Pinterest you should create attractive boards. The more attractive your boards get will give you better chances to get followers.

It will be the followers that will create a force multiplier to make your pins go viral. Getting viral is what your efforts need because it will boost your brand and more exposure for your business.

You need also to position your boards well in categories. If you can create videos, do it and post it on video boards.

This will give you a better variety in terms of content. Alternating from pictures and videos will enable you to engage well with your customers.

Categories that are hot will give you a natural leverage that will give your pins a prime position to be viewed by your followers and other users in Pinterest.

Visual designers should also create compelling content that is worthy to be pinned. It should be consistently original to improve pin-worthiness.

Most of the activities in Pinterest involve re-pins. If you are able to pin original content this increases the chances of your pins will go viral. Remember the quality of your pins will determine how people will be distributing your content all over the system.

Visual designers will get a lot of leverage using Pinterest. It is important that marketers know how Pinterest work in order to leverage the abilities of Pinterest for your own benefit.

Visual design business is in the best position to harness the benefits of using Pinterest for marketing work. It only takes patience and lots of effort to make things work for you. Jump into the system as soon as possible or be left out from the bus.

Five Must-Have Tools When Marketing With Pinterest

We don’t know about you but Pinterest is fast emerging as one of the kings on marketing online. And, there is no stopping this upstart to pose a serious challenge against giants like Facebook, Twitter and even Google.

We have to face the facts that in just two years it has earned about 20 million users, mostly females with 10 million unique views a month. That is fairly great numbers for a social media that clearly has nothing new to offer.

Social discovery has been around for ages. What Pinterest gives to the public is a great alternative to Facebook that has reached a saturation point and is primed to plateau.

Yes, Pinterest can help your business immensely, but how? The third largest social media network cannot just be shrugged aside.

It is important that you think images rather than text to succeed on Pinterest. To increase your chances for Pinterest success you need back-up.

There are lots of tools that you can use as a marketer to improve your success rate in Pinterest. Playing the Pinterest game is not a hit-or-miss thing; it is calculated and based on strategies.

Various tools are available for marketers which can spell the difference between victory and defeat. Here are some of the must-have tools when marketing with Pinterest.

Pinwords help websites get pinned even if they are not Pinterest-ready. Most websites are not optimized for Pinterest. Most of the web design philosophies are anchored on text than images.

The rise of Pinterest has changed the game dramatically. Now, websites that strike a balance between text and images have better chances to get pinned.

But, what about text-heavy websites, can they still reap from the benefits of Pinterest? Yes! Pinwords can help text-heavy sites by allowing text to be pinned.

Pinstamatic allows sticky-note effects for the followers of your board. This tool allows you to pin tracks where it can easily played when followers are looking at your graphics.

Pinstamatic can also add a map on the board which is a great way to show people your location. It is a great way to pin uniquely-styled quotes that prominently display wise sayings to your fabulous boards. Pinstamatic allows you to have a snapshot of your website that you can easily pin.

Pinpuff is a great Pinterest-related tool to use for your marketing efforts. Pinpuff makes sense your marketing campaign and how the pinnings create impact across various communities.

Pinpuff is basically an influence meter that calculates how popular you have become in Pinterest. Pinterest is eyed as a great marketing platform because you can actually tell how much value your pins have created.

Armed with just your profile and account, this tool can automatically tell how popular you are among Pinterest users.

Pin Alerts
Pin Alerts does a very straightforward thing, alerts you about activities in Pinterest. The alert enables you to monitor activity among your boards, including the re-pins and it also monitors the URLs of sites that you wish to look at. This means you can gauge how much pins are occurring from your own site.

Pinerly is another tool that marketers can use. This tool has the ability to measure the efficacy of your marketing campaign. It also helps you understand statistics of your performance on Pinterest.

Stay ahead of the competition and try Pinterest. The use of this popular site will be easy with these five must-have tools. They make your sorties easier and keeps you informed. Information is the key in achieving marketing success in Pinterest.

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