Top Criticisms Against Using Pinterest

Top Criticisms Against Using Pinterest

Everyone is excited on the prospects that Pinterest will become as big as other social media sites.

All the accolades the site has been getting have translated into solid numbers being crunched.


Pinterest is virtually an infant compared to other social networking sites yet it has proved its true worth.

Stop! Yet there are people that are quite skeptical on the chances of Pinterest to earn respect and get its rightful place in the sun. Some pundits believe that Pinterest have innate defects that will spell its doom.

Pinterest is having a honeymoon period as of the moment. Time will come that people will dump this new service because it did nothing to address its native defects.

Pinterest has been growing at a phenomenal rate. So incredible some brands are literally jumping on the bandwagon wanting a piece of the Pinterest pie.

There are brands are pinning and repining like crazy just to harness the new found power provided by Pinterest.

What makes this phenomenon so unique is the fact what Pinterest provides is nothing new. It combines social media with social bookmarking.

Yeah, social bookmarking just like Delicious, right? Delicious… remember the site?
This early some pundits Pinterest will die because of some defects and when left unaddressed could prove its death knell.

To sum up,here are some of the things that the critics have to say about Pinterest.
No new pins. Pinterest is a cool place to discover new things.

It allows you to know about things that you have never heard of. But, critics say it will start to die down and lose its luster because there would no new pins to see in Pinterest.

As a user explosion continues to become unabated, everyone will just be repinning things instead of pinning new items to their pinboard. Instead of new recipes being pinned people will just continue pinning what others have seen before.

Breeding ground of copyright infringement. Critics say that Pinterest is a copyright nightmare. This scenario has taken Pinterest’s management by storm as it made in roads to address the situation.

Pinterest has caused intellectual property owners headaches because royalties are denied when people pin copyrighted material.

Spammers can ruin Pinterest. There is no denying that the fledgling social media site is also being infected by spammers and scammers just like other social media sites.

While it will take time for malware to spread via Pinterest, it will happen in the future if nothing will be done today to stop it from happening.

Members are currently encouraged to report any offensive material .The only thing that users can do for the meantime is hope they will not become victims and pray that they will not click a pinned object with a potential malware at the other end.

Indeed, Pinterest will have to work its way to stay relevant. It will easily lose its luster or suffer the same fate as other social media sites if they are not careful.

Users should join in the fight to keep Pinterest interesting. It is the users that created the Pinterest myth and the users alone can destroy it. The criticism should favor Pinterest as they use it to improve their service and stay on top of their game.


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