The Story lines in Mind Puzzles

The Story lines in Mind Puzzles

Mind puzzles assist you by teaching you something new.

The puzzles encourage you to pull up your educational background to discover what you learned.

Mind puzzles have attracted people for centuries. Most of the puzzles work by boosting your IQ. The more you practice at the puzzles the smarter you become.

By continuing to practice a few mind puzzles each day, you will increase your intelligence by 10% at the end of the month. Mind puzzles work to help you learn something new. The puzzles improve memory, so that you can recall details easier.

Online you will find too many puzzles to mention. Some of the puzzles are simple, straightforward while others pose a more threatening challenge.

You have to think hard to solve some of the puzzles, yet if you use logic and common sense, you will find your answers in front of you.

Some of my favorite mind puzzles are the word by association. You can find several types of the puzzles, yet in this instance, we are going to learn the basic.

The word puzzle starts with a word. Using the word, you are going to think of several meanings and then create a few stories.

Note: The answer is below. Do not look at the answer until you at least try to solve the problem by exploring the word.

Word: Memory
Think about what memory means to you. Next, write a sentence for each story, by filling in the blanks.

We sit around ……about the good ole days. Pa and I went through the ___________ of what we had _______ in our ___________of the good ole days.

Let me give you a hand. The first line is (a) and the second (b) and so on. Below you will see the same pattern and you will choose the best word that fits to complete the story.
A) recalled b) reminiscence c) recollection d) remembrance

Sit for a few minutes and think about the story. Don’t fret any if you can’t get it off the start. Take your time. Explore the word memory. Find what it means to you.

Answer: a) reminiscence b) recollection c) recalled (d) remembrance

Do it again:
Word: Brain Stem

We learned in medical class that our brain stem is the organ that controls our ____and our _____. We learned that the brain stem controls our center _________ ________ within our vertebrae. The brain stem connects to our _____cord and encloses about our cranium. The brain stem gives us our ________and the abilities to use our _____ mind’s center.

Think about your brain stem for a moment. What does the brain stem control?

Since this is medical related, some of you may find it difficult to figure out the words that create the story. If you think about what you learned in biology class or related courses in school however, you may find that you know more than you think.

a) thoughts b) feelings c) nervous system d) spinal e) intellectual f) intellectual

Now you probably already had this one figured out from the start. Yet, you see that mind puzzles can lead to medical related stories, humor, riddles,

and much more. Mind puzzles have no limit to what the formulas it uses to present problem-solving puzzles that improve the mind’s ability to solve problems.

One more:
Word: zoology

Zoology is the ____study of ____. The branch of biology, which involves the study of all aspects of animals’ life. Sometimes the experts study these creatures in specific areas of the world.

Come on, you know this one. The first one is scientific study and the second is animals. You had a clue in this one.

Vocabulary Busting Mind Puzzles

Mind puzzles enforce people to explore their mind and to search the mind while thinking think of the best answers to solve the problem(s).

The Story lines in Mind Puzzles
The Story lines in Mind Puzzles

Mind puzzles include several types, which each has new patterns it uses to make a point. While we have many new puzzles on the market, nearly every puzzle you run into will have a traditionally pattern. Few are unique and original.

Some puzzles provide you with clues or hints while others will not. When you are figuring out puzzles always, look for the clues to help you solve the problem.

The puzzles include various types of lateral, number puzzles, cryptograms and so on. Most mind puzzles are designed to put your vocabulary to the test.

Mind puzzles are pieced together to assist people by helping them develop skills. If you do enough puzzles each day, in time you will solve problems successfully. Some of the puzzles while they may seem complex are simple if you use common sense and logic.

How some puzzles work: Blue – Gray
Take the words gray and blue and create as many words as you can from each word. You can scramble the words any way you choose to create new words and you can pull the words together to create new words. Don’t look at the list below; rather create your own list.


As you can see, this type of puzzle is designed to build your vocabulary. You can expend your mind by thinking about words and trying to add to the words. Let’s try some more.

Words: don’t – follow – me
If you think of these words, you can start building a new vocabulary. Think carefully, using your foresight to consider each letter in the words and then start to build your vocabulary. Again, you can combine the words to create new words.


You can probably continue building your vocabulary if you continued to move ahead. For now, we will consider these words as the closing point and see one puzzle solved. Let’s try some more. Puzzles are fun. Once you get into them you will find yourself wanting to do some more.

Word: horse – rat –
Or -Hat -Tar -Set -She -Shah

Continue to see if you can make some more words from the two words by combing them. In some instances, you do not get two words. Rather you get a single word. You are asked to find ways to spell the word, or else to create new words from the single word.

Word: shingle
How many words can you get from shingle?
In – Gin – Leg – She – Shin- Sling -Hinge -Single

Again, you can build your vocabulary by using words to create a new list of words. This is often fun, since you learn something new, or you see something you have forgotten. Let’s try a longer word.

Word: Champaign
Am – champ – man – chin –ham – Pam- pan – chin – min – amp –

Keep building until you cannot continue. You can do these types of mind puzzles each day and have a thorough vocabulary built up by the end of the month. In time, you will be sufficient at this type of puzzle that you’d want to move ahead to puzzles that are more complex. Let’s finish with a blast!

Word: Mathematical – since puzzles use mathematic strategies in many ways, let’s create a new list of words with this word.
Math – at – metical – hem – lath – mat – tit – ethical – ham – tat – mama –

Keep going, since you can get a few more words from the puzzle. Look at the words at all angles, across, backwards, forward, etc when trying to add new words to your vocabulary.

Reaching the Limits in Mind Puzzles

When you strengthen your mind, it drives your brain to gain fresh facts and flesh out newer modes or ways of thinking that will make the conference that you acquaint more beneficial. When you learn to solve problems effectively, it levies a mixture of undiscovered knowledge.

best History Buffs in Mind Puzzles
Four unconnected puzzle pieces isolated on white. Problem, communication, teamwork, challenge, disorganization concept. Flat design. Vector illustration. EPS 8, no gradients, no transparency

Using mathematic strategies, your mind will develop the will to think logically and solve problems easier. Your homely sense, ontology, and science will drive your psyche, thus increasing your IQ. There is no time to waste, since your mind can reach the limits.

How the puzzles work:
Some of the minds puzzles free online are confusing. You are giving a brief description of some action occurring, which you must answer the question.

Some of the puzzles offered free online offer you free personality examines. I encourage these exams, since it can help you understand whom you are, which promotes the will to learn.

Some of the mind puzzles include the illusion games. You will find these free online too. The illusion games inspire your visual perceptions, which the games use illustrations that you feel comfortable with to inspire your mind. The goal is to use objects of illusions to bend your perceptions.

The concept is based on the notion that our minds are go-between mediators that often seek the facts. The illusions are optical objects that result in unlike patterns that oppose ending comparable lines. The inspiring tactics use background elements, which are added to the basic structure of the designs.

Since, theorists believe that we are influenced by our experiences; we can adjust our perceptions to balance regions of higher contrasting afterimages that result in our spatial movement of the eye or from our produced motion or kinetic abilities.

Illusions can lead you to believe that you have no skills to read between the lines produced by motion structural of objects from its background of an image.

Optical illusion is an overwhelming tool that helps you to focus. When you can use optical illusions and successfully find solutions to solve the problems, thus you expend your awareness.

Optical illusion uses objects verses parallel lines to make a point. Optical illusion has descended from Greece and stretched to our counselor offices today.

What happens with optical illusion is that the sending (Creator) is attempting to make you believe that something is not real although it is real.

For instance, the creator may create an optical illusion, such as blocks and alter that blocks so that most appear the same, while one stands out as different, thus the creator uses motion to convince you with words that all the blocks are the same.

Mind puzzles, include the Paradox puzzles, creative puzzles, vocal word puzzles, rebus, and common bound and so on. Mind puzzles may include mathematic figures and numbers, or a combination.

For example, one of the common mind puzzles is the series of figures. You are given: two…4…13…35…113…You have to locate the following number in the puzzles.

Mind puzzles also include the lateral puzzles that make you think. The lateral puzzles give you something to think about, such as…If John Doe walked to the store at 8pm and returned at 8:05 pm how far did John Doe have to walk.

You can see that lateral puzzles are mind bogglers. You have to estimate the distance that John walked in five minutes. Obviously, he lived very close to the store.

Mind puzzles include riddles, clues and so on. Riddles are something that triggers you minds, since you have to ponder to figure out the answers.

For example, what is the definition of “Mardi Gras?” Since Mardi Gras is filled with fun packed adventures, such as pageant holiday celebrations, festivities, street parties, etc, Mardi Gras is defined as “Fat Tuesday.”

Exercise the Brain in Mind Puzzles

We all need to exercise to stay healthy. The brain and mind need exercise as well as the body. You can exercise the brain and keep the memory process working properly with mind puzzles to keep it healthy and prevent anti aging as well.

Glossary Mind Boggling Puzzles
The Story lines in Mind Puzzles

Mind puzzles can be a challenge and fun exercise for any age. Let everyone learn and have fun doing mind puzzles from the younger ones to the elderly.

Along with exercise, you’ll be increasing knowledge by learning new ways to solve puzzles, your vocabulary will increase by learning new words and how to use them and your IQ will be given a boost from all the new learning skills you’ll gain when solving these different mind puzzles.

Mind puzzles are fun; the more you solve the more you want to do. There are many different kinds of puzzles to exercise your brain and memory so learn to solve a variety to keep things interesting and fun.

You can find mind puzzles in book, toy, and illusion forms. Go shopping on the Internet to see what is available in mind puzzles. The Internet can give you a variety of puzzles you can purchase as well as play from your desktop.

This will give you an idea of what is available to keep up the challenge to make things fun as well. By looking on the Internet, you’ll have more of an idea of what look fun and the price range you want to spend as well.

Mind puzzles make nice gift ideas to help relieve stress as well as the exercise we all need from time to time. They can be brought for the desktop.

You can carry on those long boring rides on the plane. You can play your games most anywhere to pass the time away.

Being creative will exercise your brain, mind and memory process too. On the Internet, you’ll find web sites to help you make your own mind puzzles.

This is one way to get you to think and use your creativeness to help yourself and others as well. You can print them off to use in your bible study classes to make learning more fun.

Teachers use these sites to increase their student’s knowledge and to let them use what they’ve learned in different classes from math to science. These puzzles can be made up using any subject you please.

Make one to give your child at home something to do on a rainy day. This is easy to do and can be based on their age group. Teach them to recognize numbers and letters.

Make a list of numbers for instance 123 or 987. Using one number in a group or as many as you want. In a larger group scramble up a bunch of numbers and let them

see how many small group of numbers they can find to circle. This will teach them to recognize numbers; they’ll be using their memory, and having fun doing it.

Find your mind puzzles in most area newspapers or flyers. They have a different one every day from easy to difficult. You want to advance as you go in order to keep learning and using what you’ve already learned. A new challenge everyday is good for every one of all ages.

Checking out the magazine and bookracks in the stores is another good place to find these puzzles. They come out by the edition, monthly and in different size prints to. Puzzles give you that new and fun rewarding challenge.

Toy departments have many of these games in the form of pencils, mazes, trinkets and as board games for the whole family to play together.

Make a family night in your home doing a mind puzzle as a family. Some board games are specially made for the mind to make you think and have fun as well.

Remember practice always increases you memory skills along with teach our brains to use what we already know.

The History of Crossword Puzzles

The first book of crosswords was published in 1924. It became a best-seller and crosswords replaced mahjongg as the most popular American game. Crossword puzzle design and solving is an excellent way to sharpen focus.

The Story lines in Mind Puzzles
The Story lines in Mind Puzzles

Regardless of whether design and or solve numerous crossword puzzles, you will learn one more way to enhance memory and creative expression. Some even say that crossword puzzles help keep Alzheimer’s at bay.

Nearly all word games improve spelling, the appeal of word-games is very easy to understand. Crossword puzzles encourage logical thinking and correct spelling. Some of crossword clues are straightforward and only require a wide vocabulary. However some contain devious clues, where there is always a logical link between the clue and the solution.

Some of crossword clues are straightforward and only need a wide vocabulary. While other clues induce a probability distribution over viable targets, which must somehow be respected along with the constraints of the puzzle.

However devious the clue, there is always, in a well-set crossword puzzle a logical link between the clue and the solution.

At best, clues induce a probability distribution over viable targets, which must somehow be respected along with the constraints of the puzzle.

Some have begun using computers to solve crosswords, while others solve crosswords using the familiar and time-honored tradition of putting pen to paper.

Crosswords encourage people to use dictionaries, both specialized crossword dictionaries as well as collegiate and unabridged dictionary volumes.

Some believe that the pen and pencil mode indicate a degree of confidence in solutions and problem solving. Crossword puzzlers should always remember, that just because you wrote something down, doesn’t make it right.

All in all, crosswords are very inexpensive, intellectually stimulating, calls for no partner and, most importantly, helps one forget the stresses and tensions of modern living. Intellectual stimulation is sought by the very intelligent and crosswords offer a release from mental tension.

Creative crosswords afford little of that intellectual excitement that a more complicated crossword does. Crossword puzzles are very popular in many countries.

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