Steps To Linking Pinterest To Your Website–And Earn!

Steps To Linking Pinterest To Your Website–And Earn!

Earning in Pinterest starts in linking your website to the system. This is crucial because not all websites are Pinterest-ready.

If your website is aligned with the philosophies and technology that guides this new social media site then you are on your way towards Pinterest glory.

Over the past few weeks, Pinterest have been asking its users to verify their websites with the system. What does this mean? What is this verification process all about? Don’t fret because Pinterest is just rolling out its new verification process.

What does this new verification process has to do with your website? Well until Pinterest rolled out its verification system your URL has been hidden from view and is tuck behind an Earth icon on your About page.

This is not helpful if you are a business wanting to use the natural leverage of Pinterest for your business. We have to admit that businesses have

infiltrated the Pinterest universe and have reaped great benefits. Yet, the folks over Pinterest are not quite keen on increased commercialization of the system.

Steps To Linking Pinterest To Your Website – And Earn!
Steps To Linking Pinterest To Your Website – And Earn!

So what does this move mean to your business’ earning potential? This new move by Pinterest means a lot for your business. It allows other people to learn more about your corporate culture and brand.

This will also give credence to your presence which adds value to your Pinterest account. Potential customers are now aware that they are talking to a legit account and not some poser. At this point in time, Pinterest only allows verification for top-level domains.

If you are an e-commerce firm tied to large retailers such as Shopify, Etsy or even eBay you may not be able to verify since Pinterest still disallows the uploading of HTML files.

Well, maybe in the future. The uploading of the HTML part will get weird at a later part of this article.

1. Log-in to your Pinterest account. Log-in to your Pinterest account and then proceed to the Settings area. To check if you have listed your website here,

put the URL on the empty space and click the Verify Website button. Again, only top-level domains are being supported at this point in time.

2. Follow instructions. The next page will display a host of instructions that you need to follow. Click the link that says Download HTML… which will bring you to a confirmation screen.

3. Upload the HTML file. As we told you earlier, this part is kinda weird. You may need to upload an HTML file to your web server.

Do not upload it on a subfolder for Pinterest may not able to locate it. If your nose is bleeding at this point in time, get some paper towels and gently apply pressure to stop the bleeding and call your IT guy to do this for you.

4. Complete the process. You can do so by clicking the click here on the instructions dialog box so Pinterest will check the HTML file.

The new verification system allows a display of a red checkmark beside your URL and allows it to be displayed in full. Users will also see the same red checkmark beside search engine results and on your profile in Pinterest.

For now, if you are one of those users that got a “love letter” from Pinterest saying about a need to verify. Don’t worry a bit. It is just asking you to become a good, law-abiding Pinterest earthling and do your civic duty.

To start the ball rolling here are the steps on how to link your site with Pinterest and maximize your earning potential.

What Makes PinterestThe Best Shopfront

Pinterest the social scrapbooking website is perhaps the hottest website in the planet right now. A 329 percent increase in visitors in just three months is an acceleration that is usually reserved for rockets.

But, it is happening and it is the “new reality”. The obsession on Pinterest has made it attractive to marketers who want to promote their products and business.

In fact, Kotex has been so successful in using Pinterest to promote their products. Martha Stewart’s group has been pinning like crazy just to get noticed.

It is said that 21 percent of people that saw pictures of products on Pinterest end up buying. This is proof enough that Pinterest is fast shaping as the best virtual storefront on the Internet.

It was not always been this way. Pinterest started as an obscure photo-sharing site where you can pin on your pinboard things that interests you as you discover them on the Internet.

It is a cross between a social media site and a social bookmarking site. It has transformed into a giant when it gained the ability to drive traffic back to a company website when a pinned picture gets clicked.

So now, Pinterest is seen as a very good driver of traffic to small business owners who want to have exposure to their products but don’t have the big marketing budget. Suddenly, Pinterest was able to level the playing field between big businesses and the small ones.

Pinterest as a shopfront is one of the best ways to describe it. The social scrapbooking capability of the site allows the business owner to lay down its products on a virtual shopfront where customers can browse through the products.

A customer can click on the picture and directed to a place on the Internet for more information or it can be repinned so that others can have the chance of seeing the product.

The chain of pins and repins will help boost traffic to the business’ website and corner the customer and covert the lead into a sale later on. If you are not convinced then Shopify says that it gains more traffic from Pinterest than it does from Facebook.

It doesn’t take to know about rocket science to tell that majority of Pinterest users are females. However, this is not universally true as majority of United Kingdom’s users are males.

Traditionally male acquainted companies have used Pinterest to entice their consumers about their edge by showing off some aspects of their business.

The reason why Pinterest is a great shopfront for businesses is the fact that it has the ability to alter lifestyle choices. The pictures don’t merely tell something about the product, it tells a story.

You are essentially suggesting to your potential customers how your product can chart their lives for the better. Through the boards, your products have the ability to fulfill their dreams, wants and ambitions.

The repinning will make the drive for a lifestyle call communal. It allows people to assume the personality of your company thus believing on the things that you offer, ultimately driving sales.

Pinterest has solved the problem of discovery on the Internet. You have no longer to crack your head for a gift idea for your mother.

Head off to Pinterest to get the finest idea for that great gift. This is how Pinterest is slowly revolutionizing how we appreciate products and ultimately drive sales for businesses.

Are you ready for the future? You should be because the future is here right now.

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