Nine Rules In Using Pinterest For Business

Nine Rules In Using Pinterest For Business

You may have seen this coming but Pinterest could help your business grow.

If you are a business that relies heavily in traffic to drive sales, then Pinterest could be your savior. If not, at least it may help you turn the tide for the better and give your business a shot in the arm in order to survive.

1. Know your goals are. With an aim in mind, you sure would know where you’re going and how to get there. It’s the same with using other social media as a vehicle to keep your business going.

In using Pinterest for business, it is important to know why you need Pinterest in the first place. A lot of people jump into the fray without knowing why they are in the mix in the first place.

Knowing how Pinterest can do wonders for your business should be the first thing that you should determine. This will give you the ability to gauge if investing time and effort in Pinterest is worth your deal.

2. Creativity is the name of the game. Who doesn’t get attracted to uniqueness and new ideas? If you want to drive traffic through Pinterest you need to wring the creative juices from your mind. The more creative your boards are the better.

Attractive boards means that people are drawn to it and most likely follow it. The more followers you have means the more effective your boards in providing brand awareness.

3. Pin original content only. No one likes copies, right? Re-pinning comprise 80 percent of activities on Pinterest. This means that if you have original content on your board the chances of having it re-pinned will be better.

A re-pinned content stands to lose traction after some time thus limiting the exposure. An original content is not only prone to re-pin but also it allows your followers to be excited on the next content that you are going to put up.

4. Effectively attract followers. The question is using the how-tos right and doing it diligently. It’s the same with trying to get more Pinteresters to notice you!

Effectively attract followers should be your guiding principle when engaging with Pinterest. Aside from being creative and pinning original content on your boards,

it is also important to have share-able content and the correct use of hashtags. It would also help if you include videos in your Pinterest marketing mix aside from pictures.

5. Pin with a strategy. Don’t just pin for the sake of pinning! Go ahead and plan things out. As mentioned earlier, if you have a goal, you should know how to get there.

More so, note down what you must do – and do so very well! Pinterest success means having to work on it. You should not pin when you like it. You need to know when to pin and what will be pinned. This will save you a lot of effort, time and cost.

6. Credit your sources. There’s a “silent” but strongly followed standard in Pinterest. Be sure to credit your sources as part of being a good Pinterest citizen. This will give you good karma because if people pick this up you will get credit for the original content you pinned before.

7. Effectively position your business. Run contests that could help stimulate the interest in your boards and products.

Find out the other trends on how to promote your business with Pinterest and master the art of being a stand-out at running every activity.

It won’t only position your business in terms of followers; it sure would help your brand stand out among competition!

8. Use the tools effectively. There are lots of tools that are available on the Internet to get most out of Pinterest. The important thing is you know how to use it and know to use the data that you get out.

9. Use Pinterest for research. The value of Pinterest goes beyond driving traffic. It is also an effective marketing intelligence tool that can track your preferred audience movements on Pinterest.

The more you know about your market the better you position the data so that you can optimize the chances of driving traffic to your external website.

Surely, with all these, Pinterest will make your business have a very bright future. As mentioned, the early studies indicate the immense potential of Pinterest to help any business succeed.

So why not act now and be part of the top players? The important thing is to invest time and effort to get to know how Pinterest which in turn can help your business grow and succeed.

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