Common Pinterest Mistakes Not To Make

Common Pinterest Mistakes Not To Make

If you are one of the 20 million users on Pinterest probably you have been spending a lot of time pinning.

In fact on the average, people spend about 410 minutes per month on Pinterest. The popularity of this new social media site has captured the fancy of individuals and businesses alike.

In fact, leading names and brands have found a new ally in Pinterest. They are beginning to see the networking site as a tool to promote their business and gain valuable marketing information.

These activities costs companies but now comes for free thanks to Pinterest. At the same time, individuals have been using Pinterest for their personal consumption.

Yet, there have been a few that has used Pinterest as an online CV. They are using Pinterest to entice organizations to pick them as their next employee.

Yes, indeed! There are a million and one ways to brand your business and yourself on Pinterest. That is why it is also prone to mistakes.

Just like any social media platform you should not be doing things in order to ruin your traction. There are common mistakes that everyone on the platform should avoid in order to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself and your organization.

Pinning anything can become too annoying. Never pin for the sake of pinning. That is the first rule that every pinner should know.

Even if you are using Pinterest for your business you should not pin everything that you are interested in. Never pin everything about yourself and leave something for the imagination.

The more pins you have the less chances it will get attention from your followers. Make it a rule to find the most interesting pins and prioritize those. Pins should serve its purpose which is to promote and communicate not annoy.

People can easily get egotistical when they are engrossed in something. Pinterest addiction is notwithstanding. Your followers are more inclined to get to know more of you when you give away a little about your personality. People are less likely to follow people that use Pinterest for their narcissistic ways.

Another thing to keep in mind is to always credit where you got the pin. It is important to maintain a certain degree of respect for the intellectual property of others.

In that line, Pinterest has been getting the heat in terms of copyright. If a website would not allow you to pin their image due to copyright reasons then respect it.

Do not use the screenshot function just to circumvent things. Respect begets respect. It is true in the real world and it is true in Pinterest.

It is easy to be caught in the web of Pinterest. Some folks have been spending too much time on Pinterest that they are starting to neglect other facets of their lives.

This can bring to much negativity which can impact how you relate to other people. It is important that you know your bounds and when to stop.

As it is, observing the right conduct and etiquette when using Pinterest will serve you in good stead. It is important that to realize that at the end of the day, it is just a social media site.

There is more to life and business than spending lots of time on Pinterest. What you can do is to limit your exposure and spend more time outdoors and strike a perfect work-life balance.

This will make you a more rounded person that could easily face head-on other challenges in life.

Why Pinterest Is Sure To Drive Online Sales

Pinterest is driving online sales better than most social media. So it best to think about your Pinterest account as a tool that can boost online sales.


Pinterest is able to drive traffic to your website which in turn allows people to buy stuff. Pretty straightforward, don’t you think? If you are a business that relies on traffic, then Pinterest is for you. Pinterest has shown very strong potential in bringing the traffic to your website. The idea is pretty straightforward, drive traffic to your website and expect voluminous sales.
Pinterest has become the newest darling of Internet marketers because of its potential and what it has achieved in such a short period of time. This early, it has surpassed Yahoo in delivering organic traffic to websites and even took potshots at Twitter in driving referral traffic. That is pretty good for a site that has been only on the Internet for a little over 24 months. The numbers don’t lie. Pinterest is now carving its position as a strong number three behind leaders Facebook and Twitter. It would be just a matter of time if it can become the new king of the hill… or queen.
Optimizing your Pinterest profile is one way of getting noticed around the Internet. Your Pinterest profile is indexed by majority of search engines around the net. So you need to have accurate information on your profile page and position it effectively to represent your products, business and more importantly your brand. Make sure that your username is your business name so that it can very well position your brand. For your image, upload an image of your logo or any picture that is consistently aligned with the branding of your company.
In order to drive online sales it is important that you create very interesting boards. Boards are areas on Pinterest where you pin pictures or re-pin other people’s content. The more creative your board is the more it will be shared all over the system. This will allow better brand recognition and business reach which can easily drive traffic to your website that will ultimately result in sales.
Using Pinterest as an online store front is another way to shore up sales. The nature of Pinterest allows it to be a natural choice for businesses to use it as a virtual store front where businesses can showcase their wares. People that saw products on Pinterest are said to be 21 percent inclined to buy the product after getting re-directed to the main website. The re-pins of the content that you put on your board is an indication that there is intent to buy the products in some future time.
When you are engaging with Pinterest it is important that you optimize the description and the captions of your pins. If you are unable to do this, you are letting go of a golden opportunity to drive traffic to your site. Remember to add keywords to your pin description so that search engine can easily index and find your products. Don’t forget to put a price in the image or in the description so that people would know that the product is for sale.
Pinterest offers a whole new world of possibilities for businesses. Now businesses can easily reach out to customer in a social media setting using the power of graphics. Businesses that realize this potential early on stands to gain mileage which their competitors will just envy. Do your Pinterest investment now and reap a mountain of gains in the future.

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