Best 3DS Gaming Handheld

Best 3DS Gaming Handheld

Your 3DS Is More Than Just A Gaming Handheld … It’s A Way Of Life The 3DS is a wonderful system for portable pc gaming, offering you distinct 3D visuals as well as lots of wonderful Nintendo video games to maintain you inhabited.


It’s real, portable pc gaming is simply the start of the 3DS experience, providing you lots of various other functions right at your fingertips.

Off, the 3DS (like the DSi prior to it) has a construct in video camera. This, however, is a bit various from previous generations of the portable because,

just like its gameplay, provides you the alternative of taking images in the very same stereoscopic 3D as your video games.

While it’s topped by numerous industrial quality cams (at just concerning 1.6 MP for its double back and also solitary front dealing with video camera),

it offsets that with its 3D image capability, something that would certainly set you back dramatically much more in an electronic camera whose only feature is to take pictures.

With an SD card placed in the reduced port on your 3DS, you can transform it right into an individual songs gamer or a cool DJ terminal to play songs for you as well as your close friends.

The 3DS can play any kind of typical MP3 sound data and also provides you enjoyable tweaking alternatives like pitch flexing, transforming songs rate, as well as establishing up playlists with your existing songs.

Apart from its special equipment functions, the 3DS likewise has a number of applications you can download and install to it via the eShop.

Like lots of portable gadgets in basic, the 3DS can make complete usage of a Netflix account, implying you can have your video games, songs, as well as flicks in one gadget.

Apart from even more basic applications, the 3DS likewise has a couple of distinct applications of its very own. Transform your 3DS right into a canvas as well as paint making use of the touchscreen, after that see your photos in 3D when you’ve completed!

An additional one-of-a-kind application that the 3DS has is the SwapNote application. The 3DS has bunches of non-gaming attributes, which simply makes that a lot even more helpful for individuals that do not desire to simply acquire a video gaming portable.

The 3DS is an excellent system for portable pc gaming, providing you one-of-a-kind 3D visuals as well as lots of excellent Nintendo video games to maintain you inhabited.

It’s real, portable pc gaming is simply the start of the 3DS experience, using you lots of various other functions right at your fingertips.

Transform your 3DS right into a canvas as well as paint making use of the touchscreen, after that see your photos in 3D when you’ve ended up!

The 3DS has bunches of non-gaming functions, which simply makes that a lot even more valuable for individuals that do not desire to simply get a video gaming portable.

The Top Five 3DS Titles You Must Have In Your Collection

Best 3DS Gaming Handheld
Best 3DS Gaming Handheld

With Nintendo’s newest foray into the handheld market taking off, its library of games is expanding every month as it releases hit after hit.

As the 3DS‘ library stands now, there are some clear victors in the popularity contest between its current releases as well as titles that some fans are sitting on the edges of their seats in anticipation for.

Here’s a list of the top 5 games for the 3DS that are either currently released or have a release date in the near future.

1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – The Legend of Zelda series has been a cornerstone in Nintendo’s lineup since the days of the

NES with Ocarina of time sitting atop the list like a king on his throne, so it makes sense that fans are clamoring to get their hands on this portable re-release of their favorite title.

Featuring slick, updated graphics, a remastered musical score, expansive environments given new depth using the 3DS‘ stunning stereoscopic 3D,

and AR elements like using the gyroscope to physically aim your projectile weapons with the 3DS itself, the Ocarina of Time re-release is something every 3DS owner should have in their collection.

2. Super Mario 3D Land – Mario is one of the most iconic characters in all of gaming‘s history and he makes his newest splash hit on the 3DS.

Super Mario 3D Land is a fusion of classic Mario gameplay mixed with the free roaming exploration style seen in super Mario Galaxy and the classic Super Mario 64.

Super Mario 3D Land also makes full use of the 3D features of the 3DS with unique visual puzzles that pop out of the screen. If you’re a fan of Mario games or platformers in general, you’ll love this new Mario installment.

3. Resident Evil: Revelations – A decidedly more mature game, Resident Evil: Revelations sees the return of Chris and Jill of classic RE fame alongside all new characters as they explore a seemingly abandoned tanker in the middle of the ocean.

As expected, though, the dark hallways and eerie paths of the tanker hold unspeakable horrors at every turn as what began as a simple investigation turns into a fight for survival.

RE: Revelations is great on its own, but if you want the full 3D shooter experience, it’s best played with the Circle Pad Pro accessory, adding a right thumbstick to the original controls.

4. Cave Story 3D – While it’s not a huge release or one that received a lot of critical acclaim, Cave Story 3D is a game that 3DS gamers should not be without.

Originally developed for the PC, Cave Story has made its way to the 3D and plays similarly to classic Metroid and Mega Man games, boasting a smooth pixel art style,

catchy musical themes, and innovative weapon based gameplay that will sate the appetites of classic sidescrolling shooter fans and puzzle gamers alike.


5. Tales of the Abyss 3D – Classic JRPG lovers are probably already familiar with the Tales series of games and Tales of the Abyss 3D does well to meet the expectations of fans of the Action RPG genre as well.

With this port of the PS2 classic, you can take the epic adventure of Tales of the Abyss on the go, enjoying its lush visuals and rich storyline without having to dust off an old home console or track down its expensive classic counterpart.

As the 3DS library continues to expand, more and more titles will vie for the top spots of popularity, but these particular titles are sure to please any style of gamer.

Adding Accessories To Enhance Your 3DS Gaming Experience

Best 3DS Gaming Handheld
Best 3DS Gaming Handheld

Handheld gaming devices like the 3DS are the ultimate accessories for people who are on the go. They offer a gaming experience that they can keep in their pockets and play on the go at their leisure.

This gives people much more freedom than gamers with home consoles because they don’t have to be stuck at home to enjoy their favorite games.

However for those that want to get the ultimate experience out of their 3DS (and want to keep it safe in style) can enhance their 3DS‘s gaming experience with a plethora of accessories for Nintendo’s great handheld.

First and foremost, getting the most from your 3DS means keeping it safe from all kinds of dangerous damage.

With the stylus and potential damage from spills, the keeping the touchscreen of your 3DS safe is a huge priority. Using a screen protector for it (much like any other touch input device) is an absolute must for keeping it safe.

For keeping the entire handheld safe, there’s literally dozens of cases available for purchase with a number of benefits.

Sturdy cases (especially the NERF brand, famous for their foam dart guns) put out a foam protective case which, in my personal experience, offers great protection from the impact shock of a drop.

There are lots of other cases with game logos and designs that offer protection and a neat way to jazz up your 3DS‘s look available as well.

One unique accessory, only currently packaged with the title Kid Icarus: Uprising but I assume will be publicly available at some point, is a stand for your 3DS.

Bundled specifically to compliment Kid Icarus’ gameplay style, it gives gamers a chance to play their touchscreen controlled games (like Cooking Mama or other classic titles) without actually having to hold their 3DS.

That way you have less strain on your hands and wrists as you play so you don’t have to take a break just because you’re sore from holding it up.

Another practically indispensable accessory is the 3DS circle pad.

Have you ever played a 3D shooter or action game (that was actually enjoyable) without a second thumbstick for aiming or camera control? Neither have I.

The circle pad attachment is a great accessory that slips over your 3DS and adds all new options to existing 3DS games for enhanced control and play styles.

Released on the same day as Resident Evil: Revelations specifically to enhance its gameplay, the circle pad also allows for single stick games to offer left handed play styles,

making handheld gaming more accessible for left handed players who would normally just have to find a way to play with a reversed control style.

The amount of 3DS accessories available are staggering, also including plenty of carrying cases and bags for keeping all your games and other accessories

in one place and various other themed items that work like their regular counterparts but have popular game characters printed on them so you can show the people around you which games are your favorite.

If you love your 3D and want to enjoy it even more, the right accessories can make all the difference.

Nintendo’s 3DS… A Ridiculously Fun Handheld Right Out Of The Box


When you purchase most gaming devices today, you’re usually spending an extra $40-60 on an additional software title to go along with it.

Generally this has just become the norm when you want to buy a new console or handheld and most companies wholeheartedly support that kind of business model because they make more money from you right out of the gate.

The 3DS on the other hand, has tons of things you can play and interact with from the moment you take your handheld out of the box and power it on.

After you go through the necessities like setting up the date/time settings and designing your Mii, you have a whole menu of choices available to you.

The 3DS comes with a built in camera so even an amateur shutterbug can take fun 3D pictures and save them to the bundled SD card.

It also has a fully functioning music player that acts as a kind of DJ station and also gives you creative options for your music or audio clips like pitch bending and speed control, letting you listen to your music just the way you want to.

Another unique item bundled with your 3DS is the set of 6 AR cards you’ll find in a cardboard sleeve.

AR stands for Augmented Reality and these cards give you the chance to play with your environment, letting you set up iconic Nintendo characters as AR statues in different poses right on your tabletop.

One of the AR cards in particular (a “?” box) gives you a rather extensive list of games to play for just a little card. By focusing the AR games camera on the card, it lets you choose from several mini games to play.

You can use the camera/gyroscope for a fishing game, test your skill with the archery game, or play “AR Shot” and use a pool cue to knock a ball into a target hole.

When you finish the first games, you can get access to even more neat AR features like a non-timed version of fishing, a globe, and more challenging versions of the archery and shot games.

The last straight out of box feature is a fun game called Face Raiders that takes advantage of the gyroscope and camera features.

You can take a picture of your face (or import faces from pictures on your SD card) and it will create a 3D model of the face that will fly around you for you to shoot down.

You use the camera/gyroscope combo to aim around you in a complete 360 degree AR environment and shoot at the faces as they fly in and out of the area around you in various levels of difficulty.

While other gaming devices want to milk you for what you’re worth at the time of purchase or nickel and dime you with app downloads or micro transactions,

the 3DS makes for a breath of fresh air for both gamers on a budget and those of us who are just plain tired of not getting much for what we pay.

Augmented Reality (AR) Games Bring Your 3DS Experience To A Whole New Level


When you play video games, you’re either sitting with a controller in your hands, watching your television or holding your handheld and staring at a screen and,

barring other immersion accessories like headphones or 3D glasses, that’s the extent of your interaction with the game. You get to press buttons and have your character on the screen follow your inputs.

Well Nintendo decided that the gamer taking a passive role in the gaming experience just wasn’t enough and have added a unique feature to the 3DS‘ gameplay in the way of AR gaming.

AR stands for Augmented Reality and, for you as a gamer, means that you have tons of all new ways to interact with your games.

Whether directly as part of the game, or as a feature and function of particular titles, players can use the gyroscope and camera’s to play a game with the world around them.

The best example of how AR gaming works is packaged in the box with your 3DS as a set of 6 AR cards called AR games.

There are five AR cards of popular Nintendo mascot characters that you can set on a table and watch come to life through your 3DS screen. The last card, however, is a “?” block and this is where the magic happens.

You can use that “?” block card to play a set of mini-games and interact with the environment around you.

Games like fishing, archery, and “AR Shot” (similar to pool) let you play games with the world around you, using your 3DS as a bow, pool cue, or fishing pole to play interactive games with an area around your card.

Another unique game that uses AR functions is called Face Raiders, a piece of pre-installed software on the 3DS that lets you take pictures of yourself,

your family, and your friends and then shoot their faces out of the sky by moving and aiming the 3DS using both the cameras and gyroscope.

Aside from those examples, there are lots of titles that bring you closer to the action with their unique features.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time gives players new control of their slingshot, bow, or just the first person camera by utilizing controls similar to Face Raiders to aim their projectile weapons. Another game with a unique AR function is Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir.

This survival/horror game gives you full control over the exploration of your environment by using AR motion sensitivity to aim your camera and see the environment as though your 3DS were just a window for you to see into the haunted confines of the game’s setting.

Tetris Axis takes the classic puzzle game to new frontiers, giving you two AR based game modes to play with.

AR Marathon lets you play Tetris on your table or counter space with an AR generated play area while AR climber lets you build around a 3D tower to progress a climbing man higher and higher up it.

With each new 3DS game released, new AR functions are being utilized and that makes me excited to see the fun experimental ways Nintendo will give us to play their games.

Common Question & Answers About the Nintendo 3DS


The 3DS is by no means a brand new console, but if you’re new to the handheld market or simply haven’t done a great deal of research on it,

there’s definitely some things you could miss that you should know before you decide on purchasing one. Here’s a quick Q&A about the 3DS and its features.

How much does it cost?

Since its release and original $300 price tag, the 3DS has gone through a number of price drops. Most recently the generally accepted price seems to have settled around $169.

Additional game cartridges run from $20-40 depending on which title you want to purchase and whether you purchase it new or used.

How does the 3D work? Do I need glasses for it? Are there any health risks to it?

No, you don’t need to wear any special accessories to enjoy your games in 3D. The 3DS uses something called stereoscopic 3D to give their games that eye-popping effect.

It works by splitting the image as you’re playing (adjustable by the 3D slider on the top screen) and as the images move apart, your brain sees them both and meshes them together, causing certain elements to appear closer or further away on the screen.

Extended play has been known to cause headaches and eye strain so be sure to take regular breaks and adjust the 3D setting to where it is comfortable if you begin to feel either of those coming on.

Is it backwards compatible?

Yes, the 3DS is fully backwards compatible with all Nintendo DS games. They fit in the same slot the 3DS games fit in, though there is one major difference.

Due to screen size, the original DS games will have a small black border around the top screen, but that doesn’t affect gameplay in any way.

What kind of online/wireless functions does it have?

The 3DS has full Wi-Fi capabilities for home networks and through its SpotPass feature that automatically connects to nearby wireless sources.

There are several individual game titles (like Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and others) that support both local and online global play.

It also supports a number of apps like Netflix and a web browser as well as apps unique to the 3DS system like Colors 3D and SwapNote.

What kind of hardware/features does it have?

The 3DS features the DS line of handhelds’ dual screens with the play screen on top and the touch screen on bottom.

The play screen has an additional “3D slider” switch that allows you to adjust the level of stereoscopic 3D to your comfort while you play.

It also has a built in microphone, two built in speakers for stereo sound, and three 1.6MP cameras (one front facing and two rear) for taking 3D pictures.

Additional features can be added through accessories like an additional thumbstick with the Circle Pad Pro accessory.

I keep hearing about “AR Features”, what are they?

AR or “Augmented Reality” gaming is a technology that allows you to and your games to interact with the world around you or for you to interact directly with your games.

Using the 3DS‘ three cameras and internal gyroscope, you can take actions in certain games like controlling the view from first person or aiming weapons or projectiles.

Another AR feature of the 3DS is “AR Cards” that give you pop-up 3D displays of character statues or even AR mini-games to play depending on the kind of cards you have.

I heard of a larger model coming out, is that true?

Yes, you heard right. It was recently released that, much like the DSi before it, the 3DS will be receiving a 3DS XL model that boasts 46% larger individual screens and a 30-90 minute extended battery life. This is set to release on August 19th for a retail price of $199.

This should just about cover any basic questions you might have about the 3DS. It’s a great handheld with a lot of innovative features and a growing library of instant classics to suit any kind of gamer’s tastes.

Nintendo Breathes Life Into Long-Forgotten Retro Titles With The 3DS


Nintendo has been a household name since the 80s, when the NES first hit shelves long enough to fly off them and into living rooms across the nation. Titles like Super Mario Bros.,

The Legend of Zelda, and Excitebike have been cemented in as the stone pillars that created the foundation for the Nintendo games we love and play today.

However, as it often happens to old franchises, the games are replaced with new versions or better sequels and our old favorites are tucked away in a closet or storage to collect dust.

No matter how fond our memories of them are, there’s no way to bring back those games we loved so much and played as kids… right?

Nintendo’s 3DS has introduced their Nintendo eShop which gives a whole new generation of gamers a chance to play classic games in digital format.

Players can purchase points for the respective gaming platforms and spend them on full classic titles like Excitebike, as I mentioned before, as well as Super Mario Bros and a host of other classic titles (with the list growing every month!).

Now fans of classic titles have a chance to replay them without having to spend an hour finding all the cables for their old consoles or blowing into the cartridges until they work.

Another great way that Nintendo is giving classic games to gamers is through the magic of ports and remakes. This isn’t so much of a “re-release” like the retro digital download games as a new way to enjoy old classics.

Fans of The Legend of Zelda series rejoiced when the game considered to be the peak of the series, Ocarina of Time, was re-released on the 3DS.

However this wasn’t just a simple port, the sharp and jagged Nintendo 64 graphics were smoothed and retextured, the musical score was remastered, and all new features were added to gameplay like the ability to aim projectiles by physically moving the 3DS.

Another game that got a reboot was Kid Icarus, originally somewhat of a side (and vertical) scrolling platformer, gamers got something completely different.

Kid Icarus: Uprising was given the star makeover treatment with beautiful graphics and environments, fully voiced characters, and all new gaming mechanics like rail shooting and free roaming adventure areas.

In addition, an online PVP feature was added through local or Wi-Fi play so you can duke it out with your friends around the world.

When it comes to classic Nintendo games, none are more iconic that the Mario Bros.

Series, and Super Mario 3D land is a great mix of gameplay from classic side scrolling style games and the free roaming Mario games that give gamers a new Mario game with the elements from classic games that made them great.

There’s no better time for classic gamers to consider getting a 3DS for their collection.

With the library of classic games being added to the Shopping Channel and the ports of classic titles, you can enjoy all of your favorites on your new 3DS handheld.

3DS Provides Users With A Library Of Games For All Ages


One of the major failing points of gaming companies today is that it seems like certain consoles or handhelds seem to be targeting a single or small range of demographics when they design their games.

They either focus too heavily on their more mature audience which leaves younger or more conservative gamers to suffer with a poor selection or, in the case of Nintendo, their large, family-friendly library can sometimes be a turn-off for “hardcore” or more mature gamers.

While Nintendo is well known for developing games for families and children, they also have an ever expanding selection of games for gamers of all ages from teens to adults as well.

The 3DS is a great platform for classic games that appeal to players of all ages. Its retro games, classic reboots, and ports of other titles not only give new gamers a taste of previous generations’ games but also gives older gamers a chance to replay the classics and their favorites.

Mostly as digital downloads from the 3DS‘ eShop, you can find old school “3D classics” like Excitebike and the original Kid Icarus as well as select titles from classic handhelds and consoles like the original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, NES, and even the classic Sega Game Gear.

For gamers looking for mature games, the 3DS also has you covered. For fans of the competitive fighting Street Fighter series will be glad to see a 3DS port having made the launch list of games for the 3DS.

Fans of military styled shooters will be excited to see several games released for the 3DS.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars and Splinter Cell 3D will have the traditional feel of the previous Tom Clancy games on a handheld while fans of the Metal Gear series will be

delighted as they take advantage of the immersive 3D visuals and unique 3DS gameplay style in the port of Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater for the 3DS.

One of the titles released for the 3DS that is strictly for adult gamers is the game Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir.

Survival/horror games are distinctly mature in nature and this one is no exception, putting players directly into the game as they use the augmented reality functions of the

DS to fight off spirits in their own home or environment with just a camera! Some games are scary, but it takes things to a whole new level when you yourself are the main character.

Nintendo as a company doesn’t like to pigeonhole their audiences into specific groups like “mature” gamers or “kid” gamers which would put them at an advantage when they develop general games that appeal to a wide range of gamers.

There are games out there meant as entertainment, but there are also learning games that support early development.

No matter what kind of game you enjoy playing most whether you enjoy light hearted, “cartoony” games that will appeal to a wide

audience or games with more substance that follow more mature themes, the 3DS is sure to have something that you will have fun playing.

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